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Hi, I’m Brandon and I’m your coach. I help new and aspiring fitness professionals create thriving fitness & nutrition coaching businesses that ignite their passion for service to others and allow them to create a long term career path.  

Empowered Living

Strategies for Growth

A growing owner creates a thriving business. Discover practical strategies for personal and professional growth. Create your intentional growth plan for life and business and new opportunities will emerge.

Nuts & Bolts

There are thousands of tools available to fitness professionals. Prioritizing the right ones is the key to momentum. Narrow your focus, eliminate overwhelm, and move forward with certainty.

Passion & Purpose

Keep your passion and energy at an elevated frequency to amplify your business performance and fulfillment in life. Maximize your daily impact by fueling the empowered state of being.

The Awakened Self

What does spiritual identity and the awakened self have to do with business?  Embrace the deepest dimension of human existence to unleash the purpose your business was created for.

How can I build my clientele without all the stress?

Let’s not make this complicated.  You’re a skilled fitness professional, but it can be a struggle to find new clients without giving away hours and hours of free sessions that don’t truly serve anyone. How can you amplify your impact on those you serve without sacrificing your quality of life and spending tens of thousands on more certification courses?

Book your free Strategy Session today to learn more about how the Fit Pro Business Launcher can simplify your life, keep you focused on what you are most skilled at, and teach you how to add over $30,000 to your fitness business this year.

During this 45-minute session, we will pinpoint exactly what isn’t working in your fitness business, why it isn’t working, and then create a comprehensive marketing and enrollment blueprint so that you can launch into the process of business growth and development.

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Satisfied Clients

The Results



“Brandon’s coaching came into my life at exactly the right time. I was making a huge transition in my business, and I wasn’t clear on what I ultimately wanted for myself. Working with Brandon helped me gain clarity on my goals and overcome what was holding me back. Within those first few months, I was able to really gain confidence in my path, and many amazing new opportunities flourished because I was able to welcome them into my life as I got more structured. ​​​​​​​​​​I recommend Brandon’s program to anyone (especially entrepreneurs) who lack a little direction/focus and want to level up their business.”



“As an independent entrepreneur, I often have a hard time asking for help, and when I first began the coaching process, I would often come to sessions scatterbrained and uncertain of what direction to take my business.  Brandon helped me piece my thoughts together and create some structure so I had a clear picture of the steps I needed to take to improve my business. In the first 8 weeks, I was able to create a standardized method for running my business that allowed me to free up more time and allow for growth. What makes Brandon’s coaching style so powerful is his ability to listen and highlight key points and themes during our conversations together. He challenges me to think on a deeper level every time, especially when I want to say “I don’t know” and I come out of every session learning something new about myself. Brandon’s coaching has set me on a much clearer and focused trajectory.”



“Brandon’s program taught me how to go from owning my job to creating a thriving business. ​​​​​​​Not only did we get the basics sorted out, like my mindset, but we worked on establishing systems and strategies that get me new clients whenever I want.  After the first month in the program I enrolled over $5,000 in new business on top of my existing clients! I’d recommend this to anyone who feels like they are just getting by, or just getting started, but who wants to create predictable outcomes for their business and their life.”

The Programs

Business Plan

Create concise and actionable business plans

Business Coaching

Group coaching for education and support

One-on-one Sessions

Dig deeper with one-on-one Coaching Sessions


Every fitness professional needs it. We show you how.

Digital Platform

Leverage all the best teaching and training from anywhere.

Life Coaching

Nutrition, meditation, exercise, relationships, and everything else that affects performance. Every coach needs a coach, even for the things you are already an expert in.

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