5 Ways to Immediately Boost Your Business

Jun 6, 2018 | Business Building, Life and Health, Performance

Simple state-management strategies to boost your performance starting today.

What can you do to boost your performance when you know you already have all the necessary skills and talent that you need to succeed?  If more information and better advice from consultants isn’t creating growth, what’s next?


The term State-Management is everywhere right now, and for good reason.  With all the recent advancements in neuroscience that have opened our awareness, we are collectively acknowledging how simple and intentional changes in the details of our life can create dramatically different results.  Even TED speakers are on board with things like mind-altering strategies that create confidence with a simple postural shift. Here’s one video with millions of views that has shaped our understanding of this phenomena:



This has paved the way for all sorts of new studies and trials to see what other opportunities we have to create an instant shift in our life and business with just a few subtle tweaks in daily behavior.


I can’t claim to have done years of extensive scientific studies on these 5 quick tips, but I can tell you that they have been a staple for me in my own life for decades, and when I discontinue the use of any one of them, I instantly notice the difference in my mood, confidence, risk tolerance, gratitude, and my effectiveness as a coach.  After all, the essence of coaching is the transference of the empowered state, which means living it is top priority for me.


So from my own heart to yours, in no particular order, here are 5 simple ways to ignite a quick change of state.  Practice these habitually and watch how quickly your results transform.


1. Strike a Pose


Okay, I know it’s a bit ridiculous to suggest striking a Wonder Woman power pose in the middle of a meeting with a prospective client, so maybe that’s not the path forward here.  The strategy I use for this technique is to put myself in expansive powerful poses on a regular basis, and I don’t mind when or where it happens. My preferred method is a simple yoga practice with postures such as Warrior 1, pictured below.



Look at what’s happening here: My gaze is up, my arms are overhead, my chest expands, my hips are extended and fully flexed under a little bit of resistance.  I love poses like this because it lights up my spine and that amps up the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and charges up my mind! Or as one client said years ago, “you know, I think this is making my brain better too!”  And that’s just one pose!


Test this immediately.  Put it into play. Borrow a yoga book from the library, watch some YouTube yoga videos, and just start trying them out.  I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that you will experience an insanely elevated mood and a rapid boost in confidence. Don’t do it to be more “bendy.”  Do it to ignite your brain!


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2. Learn a New Language


I guess you could go get Rosetta Stone and learn Spanish or French or something, but what I really mean here is pay attention to how you talk about your life and your circumstances.  Our language is a reflection of deeply ingrained assumptions and thought patterns, and breaking free from those old patterns will always require a thorough modification of how we speak.


The applications of this principle are endless, but here’s one that you can start to notice right away in almost any conversation you have:  The Active voice vs. the Passive voice. Active voice assigns agency and responsibility to a person. Passive voice assigns agency and responsibility to an impersonal circumstance.  When something goes wrong, how do you talk about it? Do you assign the cause to a circumstance beyond your control, or do you own your responsibility and thus empower yourself to recreate the situation?


A few days ago, I was reading out loud some content for a video teaching I was recording.  It was about 30 minutes of out loud reading and the topic was all about Dreams for your life and creating new patterns for yourself.  When I was done reading it out loud, I noticed that I was super charged up! Just from reading those words of empowerment. Changing your language and the words you use empowers you for greater achievement and success.  


3. Dial It In


You’ve heard it before: where focus goes, energy flows.  Don’t let the simplicity of that proclamation fool you. You want to create a new result in your life today?  You can realign your focus in a matter of seconds.


But how?  Simple: ask a new question.  Did you just lose a ton of money in a bad business decision.  What are your options for reacting? “Why does this always happen to me?”  No matter what answer you find, it’s not going to help! Or could you ask, “At what point in the process did I begin down this destructive path?  What can I learn to readjust for the future?” Do you see the difference?


When you adjust the questions you ask, which is completely under your control, your focus immediately shifts and that shift shapes the meaning you create from your life situation, and that new meaning creates your destiny!


4. Create Meaning


This one kind of piggybacks off the last one.  The meaning of a situation is yours to create! Viktor Frankl is one of the most prominent and well known survivors of the Nazi concentration camps.  He pioneered a new form of psychotherapy and had more wisdom than most of us will ever experience. He believed that any person could find meaning in any situation, even the worst possible circumstances.


“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.  Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”


Even if your life situation isn’t the best at this moment, you still have the capacity to create an empowering meaning from that situation, and then use that power to rise beyond anything you’ve ever accomplished!


5. Get Food Fast


At the risk of sounding like your mother, I’m gonna say it: “eat your vegetables!”  And not just veggies, but a bag full of nutrient dense actual foods that ignite you.  Your business may be performing at a high level right now, but the reality is that a few simple changes to your nutrition strategy can amplify that performance.  The business is a reflection of the mind and energy of the owner, and the fuel you give yourself influences your state of mind and your energy.


I know we’ve all been there: Ravenously hungry and no decent food in sight, so we grab the fast food meal, complete with that sugary soft-drink delight.  Then what happens? The massive crash an hour later.


If you knew without a doubt that a few nutritional changes would directly influence your business’ bottom line, would you be willing to create some new habits?  Nutrient dense nutrition leads to nutrient dense profits!


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Getting It Together


Your business will naturally reflect how you manage your state on a day to day basis.  There are dozens more state management strategies and tactics to this end, but these will get you started.


And as always, it’s not information that will change you, it’s application.  So if you want some guidance and empowering support in applying any of these strategies to your specific life situation, click below and let’s talk.


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