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You know how to HELP your clients, but do you have a predictable way to GET clients?
When I first started as a personal trainer, I invested tens of thousands of dollars over several years to be certified in multiple programs and systems. Each time, they said this new skill would help my clients and make me more valuable BUT… without a way to first GET those clients, none of my previous training could help people.

The way I saw it, I had 3 choices:
1. Continue what I was doing for less than minimum wage earnings
2. Throw in the towel and become a barista at Starbucks
3. Get some real business training so that I could continue pursuing my dream of being a fitness coach!
After investing my time and over $20,000 in business coaching and learning a systematic ways to grow my business, I was able to double my income in 12 months! I've spent years customizing and refining these powerful techniques, and creating a step-by-step process.

After teaching my friends and colleagues this system and seeing the AMAZING results, I packaged up all the tools, support, and knowledge you need to create a thriving fitness coaching business without the stress and overwhelm of working 80-hour weeks and sacrificing your social life.

"As an independent entrepreneur, I often have a hard time asking for help. In the first 8 weeks, I was able to create a  standardized method for running my business."
I’m now offering this system at a ridiculously low price in order to help at least 1,000 personal trainers amplify their income over the next 6 months.
"Working with Brandon helped me gain clarity on my goals and overcome what was holding me back. I recommend Brandon's program to anyone who wants to level up their business."
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"After the first month in the program I enrolled over $5,000 in new business on top of my existing clients!"
The Ultimate Enrollment Blueprint for Fitness Coaches:
Inside you'll learn:
The exact F.I.T.P.R.O.S. formula that I used to create my enrollment process.
The 2 foundational mindset components of a successful enrollment conversation. It's not what you think!
My TOP 4 TIPS for leveraging Powerful Questions to enroll more clients.
Why Reflective Listening is your most powerful tool and how to strategically position yourself as the go-to authority.
The only way to finally avoid giving out free workouts that don’t result in new clients.
Why do it alone when you don't have to?

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The biggest mistake I’ve seen fitness professionals make over the last 10 years, and how to avoid it.
How to create the “ah-ha” moment for your clients so they see how your program solves their challenges.
How to get clear on who you DON’T want to work with. You’ll save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in lost opportunity each year!
PLUS, inside you’ll find an exclusive invitation to my detailed enrollment script AND a chance to book a free coaching session with me to implement these strategies.
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