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Jun 5, 2018 | Business Building, Strategy

There are commonly two major barriers to elevating a small service-based business to the next level.  The first one is “I can’t get enough clients.” The second one is “I’ve got too many clients!”

I’m sure you’d rather have the second problem than the first, but both create barriers to further growth.

In either case, the strategic intervention is the same.  It’s a very straightforward strategic process that begins with a simple but often overlooked question:

Who do you want to serve?

Pause here for just a bit.

Go back and read it one more time.

A common thread I see time and time again with service professionals who are stuck at the first barrier is that they don’t actually know who they want to serve and so they are trying to attract anyone and everyone.

It might be painful to admit, but if that’s your approach, then the answer to the one critical question is actually that you want to serve yourself, even though you say “I just want to serve everyone.”

But when you get clear on the details of the segment of humanity that you can truly and authentically help in a meaningful way, then all of a sudden, two things happen:


Number 1

You’ll start to look for that type of person and lo and behold, you’ll discover that they are looking for you too!


Number 2

You transition out of a state of neediness, and into a state of helpfulness and genuine service to others.  I’m sure you can guess which state is better for business.


Getting stuck at the second barrier is a bit different, but the question remains the same.  At this level, it’s more about honing in on your ideal client and gently guiding the other clients to another professional who is still stuck at the first barrier.

When you are able to create the space in your schedule for your ideal client, your ability to solve their problem evolves, your value as a service provider gets amplified, and you will be able to create more revenue per service for your business.

Simple.  But not easy.

Still not clear on who you want to serve?

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